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Video Games FAQ

What are videogames and what are they used for?

Video games are an entertainment interaction that is practiced using knobs or controls that simulate certain situations or experiences through a screen, a computer or other device that is electronic.

What are video games for? What do they bring us? Video games are used above all to entertain and entertain us, but it is true that certain human abilities also positively stimulate us.

There are opinions of all kinds, there are some who believe that video games are useless and others who claim that they benefit us in different fields. As long as everything is done with measure.

Therefore, if we talk about Gamers and what are video games for, we touch another totally different point. When we go into this aspect, we can see that there are a series of theories that have not been verified but that are positive.

Next, we are going to list the positive consequences that video games bring us:

  • Exercise memory: Video games mostly require us to develop the ability to memorize information. For example, video games related to puzzles require remembering certain information to beat the game.
  • Reflexes: As you well know, video games claim psychomotor skills necessary for this type of entertainment. It is super important to have a good reaction capacity to overcome the necessary sudden obstacles that will help us pass the screen.
  • Improve reading: Most video games have a story that is played at the beginning of games to find out what the story is about and what the objective is to achieve. In fact, a study published in Cell stated that children with dyslexia improve quite quickly thanks to fighting video games.
  • Logic reasoning: Currently, most video games have tangled and quite complex plots that allow us to develop logical reasoning in order to overcome and achieve the objective proposed by that video game.It is important to let the children play for a while a day, since they mainly exercise inductive and deductive reasoning in a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  • Visomotor coordination: The senses we need most at the start of a game are vision and hands. Through the command / joystick / keyboard and our vision we relate directly to the screen and therefore we develop a perfect visomotor coordination necessary to play these types of games.
  • Decrease pain: The American Pain Society discovered how video games influenced the Senate of Pain. In fact, at present they use it as quite effective therapies for rehabilitation cases.

When video games become popular?

Video games were born in the 1940s after World War II by the victorious powers. The first programs that were installed for a recreational purpose were developed in the 1960s, highlighting the chess program.

The video games that we know today appeared in the 1960s and from there have continued to grow and evolve.

The impact of video games meant a revolution in all aspects, both social, psychological and cultural. Today it is one of the sectors that gives the most work and collects the most money, increasing its amount year after year.

Which video game I should buy?

The video game you decide to buy will depend on several factors, the first and most important will be the type of video game you have or decide to buy, although currently most of the games that manufacturers bring to the market for most of the game consoles.

The game consoles that are having the most fury in our society currently are the Microsoft Xbox one X, the Microsoft Xbox one S, the PS4 Pro and the Nintendo Switch. In a few months we have on the market the console that everyone is waiting for the PS5.

Next, we are going to make a small selection of the video games that are sweeping the market worldwide: Minecraft, Halo, World of Warcraft, FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition, The Last of Us Part II (PS4) and the Ghost Of Tsushima.

Where to buy videogames?

Today, there are many places where you can buy video games and consoles. We have physical stores available or for greater convenience you can buy online at official stores such as the Nintendo Store, Playstation Store, Xbox Store.

It is true that the Amazon UK sales platform provides great customer service by serving and shipping products very quickly and also has a wide variety of products.

Which videogame is the best?

It is difficult to say which is the best video game since it depends on the tastes of each one, what if we can inform you is the best selling video game this year.

There are a wide variety of video games that are in the top positions, but the video game The Last of Us Part II with Limited Edition Steelbook for PS4 is the most demanded today.

Secondly we have the Minecraft video game for Nintendo Switch, you can find it for various types of game consoles.

In third and last place we have the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch.

How videogames changed the world?

Both consoles and video games change the world since they appeared on the market, life and society recognized a change completely.

One of the first video games in tennis history and was invented by a physicist in 1958. But the great change worldwide was in 1972 with the game of Pong.

Then there would come a time of decline that ended with E.T, thanks to the boom in Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda the industry recovered.

benefits of playing video games according to science

It is common to hear that video games are not so good for children, is it true? This question has been on our minds since the first Nintendo was released.

Children and not so young children enjoy and have fun playing video games and many spend many hours. As in everything in this life it is not good to be glued to a screen all day but dedicating a couple of hours is fine. Science revealed that video games have various benefits from pain relief to increasing brain matter.

1. 3D video games could increase memory capacity

The Journal of Neuroscience published a study in 2015, this study was based on recruiting 69 participants, one of them played Super Mario 3D World for two weeks, another player Angry Birds and the others did not play anything. The researchers after this study claimed that 3D video games provide our brains with significant stimulation.

2. It could relieve pain

In the American Journal of Preventive Medicine a study was published based on 38 studies where it was seen that video games improved the health of 196 patients. It was also observed that virtual reality games are good for reducing pain from chronic illnesses, reducing anxiety, or simply helping with medical procedures.

3. Helps dyslexics improve reading

The Cell published a study where it was investigated and it was discovered that children who had dyslexia between the ages of 7 and 13 learned to read faster and without loss of precision. In fact it was seen that there were better results than traditional treatments and the children had a great time and had fun.

4. Tetris helps eliminate trauma

At Oxford hospital in the UK, 38 patients came to the emergency department for having sequelae from traffic accidents. Some were selected to play Tetris for 20 minutes, the others who were not selected were dedicated to doing other activities such as reading, crossword puzzles, etc. It was observed that those who had played Tetris had 62% fewer flashbacks.

5. Video games improve intelligence

The PLoS ONE published a study that stated that video games improved the cognitive function of the participants, especially short-term memory.

How do games help the brain?

Video games favor brain structure by activating and increasing the size of some parts of the brain, such as visuospatial skills and attention.

Other advantages of playing video games

Previously we have explained the most outstanding benefits that there are, that does not mean that there are not more advantages.

  • Improve reading
  • Encourage group work
  • Stimulates visual memory, attention and creativity
  • Improve leadership and strategy
  • You learn other languages
  • You develop critical thinking
  • Improves responsiveness

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