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Are you looking for a gaming PC desktop or gaming laptop? Here you will learn more about gaming laptops and which one is the best that will suit our needs. These desktop pc and laptops are manufactured and designed to play video games correctly. All gaming models on the market reproduce video games so that every user can play, but it is true that not all have the same quality. The PC gaming and laptop brands that we must highlight are: Acer, Alienware, Lenovo, Msi, Razer, Dell, Hp, Gigabyte and Asus. For this reason we are going to make a selection of the best models and the most demanded brands in the market.

Are PC desktop gaming or laptop gaming better than console?

This is consider one the best arguments on the PC gaming world, PC desktop gaming or laptop gaming is more affordable than consoles for a lot of people. Consoles can come at a high price the hardware in a console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can be outperform with the hardware inside a gaming PC. Because of that games on computer or laptop gaming can play higher levels on graphics settings and better flowing frame rates, than on a console.

What gaming desktop PC or laptop should i buy?

If you are a serious gamer and you are looking for something that run graphics-intensive AAA games without any trouble, then only the best gaming PCs or cheap gaming laptops will do. If you want it to be a powerful gamer station then you need to gear up with the best graphics like Intel Comet Lake processors or AMD Navi cards or NVIDIA Turing. Because PC games are evolving every day and they need better hardware as time goes on so, if you are serious gamer and you want it to deliver that fantastic and smooth gaming experience, then that is the deal.

best gaming Pcs on 2021: our selection

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Why PC gaming is the best?

PC gamers prefer PC-gaming than video games gaming for this three main reasons. The first one is because they can be easily upgrade their custom gaming PC or gaming laptops in UK and all around the world with a better hardware component getting gaming laptop deals if its need it to play a game, which console gamer’s cannot do since they are stuck with the console hardware. Secondly is because of the easy upgrade it makes it a lot cheaper to play all PC games and last because they can also play old PC games deals which console video gamer’s cannot do unless they have old console to play them.

What is better for gaming desktop pc or laptop?

This is a hard choice it will all depend the type of gamer you are. The factors two main that you should consider are if you are a gamer that moves around a lot or not and hardware upgrades. First if you are a gamer that plays a lot with friends or groups that you meet to play your games then is preferable to choose for a laptop but, if that is not a problem for you as a gamer then you should go for a Desktop PC gaming. Secondly you need consider if you are a gamer that likes to play latest’s games which required hardware upgrades if that is the case then the best option would be Desktop PC because it can be more easily upgrade than laptops which required specific upgrades that can also make it more expensive.

Can laptops be used for gaming?

If you are interested in buying a computer to play it is better that you buy a specific one for these functions. Good gaming laptops come prepared with the latest technology so that you can give it the use you are looking for best gaming computer performance.

Gaming laptops came on the market in 2010, they were developed specifically for those users who wanted to play with a gaming desktop PC. These gaming laptops are manufactured and designed with a greater space to be able to carry out the game activity without any problem.

Gaming laptops competed with the desktop computer as it takes up less space, you can take it anywhere and it is manufactured. exclusively so that users can play without having to buy extras. You can not only play with the gaming laptop but you can perform other tasks.

best gaming laptops on 2021: our selection

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Why gaming laptop is consider to be expensive?

It is true that gaming laptops are expensive, but it is also true that these computers are not only used to play games but you can do other types of tasks (search for information on the internet, write in Word, etc.)

There are many reasons why this laptop is a very good choice for its design, its productivity and its professionalism.

As you well know, these laptops are quite powerful and have a high graphic performance so they can also be used by design professionals, by architects or engineers.

Why is a gaming laptop worth the money?

Gaming laptops are versatile, you can perform a multitude of tasks other than playing games.

These computers have high-powered processors (Intel i7 7820HK), and you can also overclock to increase performance.

  • In gaming laptops they combine the NVIDIA GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards.
  • It is designed and manufactured to have a ventilation and cooling system so that it does not heat up.
  • They allow a configuration with high-speed SSD memories and double the storage.
  • 4K resolutions supported by NVIDIA G-Sync technology.
  • The sound quality of the speakers is of high quality thanks to the latest technology.
  • The keyboards of gaming laptops are usually mechanical LEDs. Some models have an RGB LED lighting system (you can customize the color yourself)
  • It has many high-power USB ports (HDMI video output, Displayport, Ethernet connectors, etc.)
  • They come with a long-lasting battery.

Which brand for desktop PC gaming and laptop gaming is best?

Gaming laptops have become famous not only for gaming but because it is a powerful device to perform other tasks and have it as the main computer. One of the great advantages of this device is that you can take it anywhere.
There are many good brands of desktop pc gaming and gaming laptops, the most demanded by users are: Acer gaming laptop, Alienware gaming laptop, Lenovo gaming laptop, Msi gaming laptop, Razer gaming laptop, Dell gaming laptop, Hp gaming laptop, Gigabyte gaming laptop and Asus gaming laptop.

Which gaming laptop should I buy?

Before buying a gaming laptop you have to be clear about certain information, as we well know, it is not an easy task. Nowadays, whether you are a gamer or not, it is a very useful device not only for players but for anyone who wants or needs a powerful computer that you can transport.

To know if we are buying a quality device, we must be clear about a series of characteristics.

What should we take into account to buy the best gaming laptop?

  • We can bet on the Intel Core i5 or i7, no less than 5 Intel Core i5
  • It must have a good graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD)
  • We need a RAM card that does not go down 8GB or higher.
  • That it has a good Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a minimum size of 15.6 inches.
  • Screens that have LCD, IPS or LED.
  • Have a good hard drive, the SSD is the best.
  • That the battery is long lasting (no less than six hours)
  • Sound quality is an aspect that we must take into account (HD sound card)
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