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Sega Mega Driva Genesis Mini Review: The New Retro Convention

Perfect mini console that comes with 40 legendary electronic games and two classic three-button controllers so you can enjoy your free time alone or in company.

Are you one of those who enjoys playing with consoles? Do you like the SEGA brand? With this mini console model you can play anywhere in the house where there is a TV or monitor with an HDMI port, it also comes with a wide variety of inserted games that have been selected with great care thanks to the M2. These games have been selected quite carefully having 40 games plus two additional games.

This console offers us a good price with a lot of quality. What are you waiting to enjoy your SEGA Mega Drive Mini?

Features of the Sega Mega Drive Mini

Why buy the Sega Mega Drive Mini? If you are hesitating to buy this super SEGA console, after reading the wonderful features that we are going to list for you, you will want it instantly. We have to emphasize that its price and quality are unsurpassed, it is also the SEGA number one in sales on Amazon UK and has almost five stars with more than 1,100 reviews.

  • It is a miniature replica of the SEGA Mega Drive.
  • The purchase pack includes 40 games plus two bonus titles: Tetris and Darius.
  • Installation is automatic -Plug and PLAY!
  • From the creators of the original Mega Drive.
  • This console has 16 BITs.
  • Arcade graphics digital stereo sound.
  • Comes with two classic controlswith 3 buttons each.
  • The pack includes power cable and HDMI cable.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini (Electronic Games)

£164.33  in stock
19 new from £164.33
4 used from £84.97
Free shipping
as of July 23, 2021 4:05 am

Advantage of the Sega Mega Drive Mini

Would you like to relive the feeling of playing with a SEGA console?

This product is a mini replica of the Sega Mega Drive of a lifetime that will make us enjoy giving us many benefits and advantages always with moderate use. Below we are going to list the most notable advantages of using this model:

  • It will make us go back to childhood as it is a replica of the old Sega Mega Drive.
  • We will enjoy more than 40 games of all kinds and two additional games: Tetris and Darius.
  • The installation is automatic, it cannot be easier.
  • We will have a fun and entertaining time to play alone or with others as it comes with two controllers.
  • Using the controls is quite easy as it comes with only three buttons.
  • It is a fairly affordable console if we compare it with the other consoles on the market.
  • It helps us to exercise memory, reflexes, improves reading, logical reasoning and visual-motor coordination.
SEGA Mega Drive Mini Retro Console with 40 Classic Games including Sonic the Hedgehog
Buy Cheap SEGA Genesis Mega Drive Mini Retro Console
Best Official SEGA Genesis Gamepad Mega Drive Mini Retro Console Controller

Where to buy Sega Mini Genesis?

You can compare this successful console in physical stores or if you prefer to go to the official Sega stores, there are also numerous stores only for consoles and video games such as Game Uk, Argos, Ebay UK, or Steam.

Another option would be to buy the online console that is much more comfortable and you don’t have to move from home. One of the most important online platforms worldwide is Amazon. This company takes great care of the client, it has a great variety of products and you can also see the reviews of the clients who have already purchased one.

Does Sega Mega Drive Mini comes with the game Sonic the Hedgehog?

This console is a miniature replica of the SEGA Mega Drive and the purchase pack includes 40 games plus two bonus titles: Tetris and Darius.

For the price that it has, it is quite affordable when compared to the console market today, it is a great quality product if we value the many embedded games that it comes with and the great variety that there is.

This console comes with SEGA’s flagship video game: Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

What is the difference between Sega Genesis or Sega Mega Drive?

The main difference between the Sega Genesis and the Mega Drive, in America it is the NTSC format and in Europe it is PAL. Other differences as you can see is the name “Sega Genesis” is the American console instead in Japan and Europe is called Mega Drive. There are different versions of the first Mega Drive that had volume control and headphone input and there was even the Mega Drive 2, on the other hand in America they released even the Genesis 3.

Conclusion about the SEGA Mega Drive Mini

The Mega Drive Mini console is the best console if we value the number of games it has and the market price. Also if you want the console to be better you can buy separately the 32X and the MEGA CD.

It must be clarified that the cartridges that were used for the Sega Mega Drive are not valid for the new Mega Drive Mini version.

This console is one of the most sold worldwide having an amazing success, for example on Amazon. UK is one of the SEGA models most demanded by buyers. This model is priced at 59.99 pounds, almost full five stars and more than 1,100 reviews. This means that buyers are totally satisfied with the purchase.

What are you waiting to buy the Mega Drive Mini from SEGA?

SEGA Mega Drive Mini (Electronic Games)

£164.33  in stock
19 new from £164.33
4 used from £84.97
Free shipping
as of July 23, 2021 4:05 am

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