Microsoft Xbox FAQ

Xbox is a console manufactured by Microsoft in collaboration with Intel. The main feature of these consoles is that they have an Intel-based core processor, the Pentium III.
This magnificent system has a built-in DVD player. On March 10, 2000 Microsoft made a statement confirming the Xbox project.

The Xbox has a variety of accessories for the consoles such as audio and video cables, memory cards and game console controls.

The best Xbox consoles today: Our selection

Are you looking for a Xbox console and still do not know which model to choose? We have made a small selection with the best console products always offering quality and price. It is true that depending on the console model you are looking for it will be more expensive or cheaper.

What is Microsoft Xbox?

Xbox is a console manufactured by Microsoft in collaboration with Intel. The main feature of these consoles is that they have an Intel-based core processor, the Pentium III.

In late 2001, Microsoft released its first desktop console in collaboration with Intel, and at that time it competed with Sony’s second console, Nintendo Gamecube, and Sega Dreamcast.

In 2008, Microsoft withdraws the Xbox from the market to dedicate itself to the new Xbox 360 model that was very successful with 24 million consoles sold.

Xbox creates game consoles and video games as well as gaming applications, Xbox Live online service and streaming services.

Where to buy Microsoft Xbox?

Today, there are many places where you can buy video games and consoles Xbox. We have physical stores available or for greater convenience you can buy online at official stores or simply online stores or other sales platforms such as Game Uk, Argos, Ebay UK, or Steam.

It is true that the Amazon UK sales platform provides great customer service by serving and shipping products very quickly and also has a wide variety of products like xbox one controllers, xbox controller, xbox elite controller, xbox one games, xbox one headsets. Also on the xbox store you can find xbox one deals like cheap xbox one consoles and xbox 360 controllers and games.

Which Xbox is the best to buy?

Choosing a game console is not an easy task. On these occasions we ask ourselves questions such as: What differences are there between one model or another? What games do you have? Which game console best suits what I’m looking for? It must be clear that there is no one model better than another and that each model will fit different types of players.

Before choosing one model or another, you have to ask yourself a series of questions:

  • Do we want to play alone or with more people?
  • Do we want to play on the couch or do we want movement in the game?
  • Do we want only console or alternate with other platforms?
  • How much money can we spend? If you choose an old model, it will be cheaper than the new Playstation models.

Next we are going to make a small selection of the best Xbox on Amazon UK:

What is the difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360?

On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One there are quite a few differences, as we well know, each new model that can always have a better resolution and better characteristics compared to the previous one.

Here we are going to list a series of notable differences between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One:

  • The textures of the Xbox One are much sharper and more detailed than the Xbox 360. With this we managed to teleport to an almost real world.
  • The Xbox One takes much more care of the lighting than the Xbox 360.
  • The Xbox One is twice as powerful as the Xbox 360.
  • Hardware is much better on the Xbox One than the Xbox 360, giving us better speed.
  • The price of the Xbox 360 is lower than the Xbox One.

What are the best-selling Xbox video games?

The Playstation games that are selling the most in Amazon UK are those of the Xbox One console.

There are enough demanded games for this console model, we leave you the link so that you can take a closer look.

Then we leave you a small selection with the best-selling video games on the UK Amazon platform.

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Is Xbox a better choice than Playstation?

It is not that Playstation is a worse console than Xbox, they are simply companies that manufacture totally different models of consoles and video games in design and technology.

For example, Playstation has been in the world of consoles and video games for more years, but it is true that Xbox came to market later but managed to make a name for itself in the interactive and entertainment world.

is Xbox a better choice than Nintendo Switch?

The truth is that both Nintendo Switch and Xbox are quite good options if we want to have fun and entertain ourselves in our free time.

Nintendo Switch is not better than Xbox or vice versa, they are just totally different console models. The only objective of both companies is to entertain and entertain people, with quality being the common denominator of both.

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